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Community Initiative │ Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN)




The ERIN Steering Committee has a discretionary fund of $25,000 for Community Initiatives to be held throughout the duration of each year of the granting timeline with Alberta Innovates. By funding multiple projects throughout the year, both community participation and momentum can be increased, providing more opportunities for entrepreneurs. The Community Initiatives applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis by a sub-committee and approved by the ERIN Steering Committee.

Eligible Applicants


Eligible Expenses

Community Initiatives will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Value of opportunities/support provided to entrepreneurs
  • Filling any gaps to existing programs/events in the region
  • Complementary fit of initiative with the ecosystem needs
  • Ability for the initiative to build community and collaborations
  • Proven ability of the applicant(s) to engage entrepreneurs
  • COVID/situation-awareness flexibility in initiative execution

Deadline Date

  15th of each month


Contact Name: Edmonton Regional Innovation Network (ERIN)


Industry: Employment, Location: Alberta ,
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