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Creating, Knowing and Sharing – Indigenous Organizations | Canada Council for the Arts:




The Indigenous Organizations funds First Nations, Inuit and Métis organizations that engage in customary or contemporary artistic and cultural activities. These activities can include non-Indigenous artists and collaborations with non-Indigenous organizations. Grants support the exploration of innovative strategies for Indigenous creative and cultural expression, and related administrative activities. First-time applicants are strongly encouraged to speak to a Program Officer before applying.

Eligible Applicants

  • Must presently receive core (operating) support through any Canada Council program


  • Be an Indigenous publisher, Indigenous arts service organization or other Indigenous not-for-profit organization and have:
    • Completed at least 2 consecutive years of artistic or cultural activity
    • Previously received core (operating) support from Canada Council

A board of directors or an identified membership group with governance and voting authority, made up of at least 60% First Nations, Inuit or Métis individuals

Eligible Expenses

  • Ongoing costs to support your organization, including staffing
  • Expenses related to your artistic and/or cultural activities, including any combination of eligible Creating, Knowing and Sharing activities:
    • Creating– research; creation; production; critical discourse (including research or writing); residencies; collaborations
    • Knowing– mentorships; artistic training; community-based initiatives to engage young people through artistic practices; language preservation through artistic practices; intergenerational transmission of artistic knowledge; preservation of traditional knowledge through artistic practice; development of administrative, artistic, cultural or organizational capacity; research; collaborations
    • Sharing– local, regional, national or international exhibitions; implementation of dissemination strategy and organizational objectives; publishing activities; gathering events involving artistic practices; collaborations; marketing and publicity; presentations, festivals and showcase events; networking events involving artistic practices; outreach activities

Deadline Date

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