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Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) Program │ The Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA)


Salaries and benefits for intern, to a maximum of 100% of intern payroll costs but not exceeding $23,300 per internship.


Digital Skills for Youth (DS4Y) is a program funded by the Government of Canada which aims to help underemployed youth enhance and develop their digital and soft skills. The program combines valuable work experience with digital skills training, allowing participating youth to advance their digital skills and secure their success in the digital economy.

Between fall 2020 and winter 2022, IMAA is offering 35 internships (22 in 2020-21, 13 in 2021-22) connecting underemployed youth, including from traditionally underrepresented groups, with employers (Internship Host Organizations). These internships will provide stable employment and training support for up to one year for youth participants. This will allow youth participants to develop or enhance their digital skills and to apply them in combination with soft skills to enhance their future employability.

Eligible Applicants

Host organizations

  • You must be a Canadian small or medium business or a non-profit organization with no more than 500 employees.
  • You must have the capacity to host internships, including providing training and support to the intern, administering project funds, reporting on the internship and fulfilling all other obligations under the program.
  • You can apply to offer more than one internship.

Youth interns

  • Be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the internship;
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada (i.e. citizen, permanent resident or refugee status);
  • Self-identify as underemployed (i.e. employed below their level of education, holding part-time employment, or in emerging fields with few jobs);
  • Have completed post-secondary studies (exception: interns located in Nunavut, Yukon or NWT are not required to meet this criterion);
  • Have no immediate family relationship with the employer.

Note: Please note that IMAA is not accepting applications directly from prospective youth interns. Host organizations, not IMAA, are responsible for advertising internship opportunities publicly and for recruiting and hiring interns.

Eligible Expenses

Under the DS4Y program, IMAA will reimburse:

  • Salaries and benefits for intern, to a maximum of 100% of intern payroll costs but not exceeding $23,300 per internship
  • Training costs related to youth upskilling, to a maximum of $3,000 including taxes per intern
  • Intern Travel, where necessary
  • Other direct costs necessary to executing the internship (e.g. participant costs, capital costs, security and safety equipment, disability accommodation, etc.)

Deadline Date

  November 6


Contact Name: The Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) Program Manager, Internships and Mentorships

Phone Number: +1 514 522-8240

E-mail Address:


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