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First Nations and Inuit Skills Link Program | Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada:


Not-for-profit organizations may be eligible to receive funding to cover up to 100% of eligible expenditures. Private sector employers may be eligible to receive funding to cover funding up to 50% of eligible expenditures.


This program supports activities that assist youth in gaining the essential skills to help them gain employment, function well in the workplace and learn about job and career options. Activities can include career promotion, science and technology activities, co-operative education placements and internships and mentored work placements.

Eligible Applicants

  • First Nations and Inuit governments and organizations
  • First Nations schools or federal schools on reserve
  • Not-for-profit associations
  • Private sector employers

Eligible Youth Participants:

First Nations and Inuit youth aged 15 to 30 who are either:

  • ordinarily resident on reserve or in a recognized community (an approved settlement on Crown land) or
  • Inuit who are residents in Canada, but who reside outside their territory, and are no longer eligible to be funded by their territory (proof of refusal is required)
  • Mentored work placements are for youth who are not in school or are unemployed or underemployed.

Ordinarily resident on reserve means that eligible youth:

  • live on reserve
  • do not maintain a primary residence off reserve
  • may be temporarily off reserve for the primary purpose of seeking education
  • Co-operative education placements are for students in grades 7 to 12 (secondary 1 to secondary 5), enrolled in and attending a federal or band-operated school.

For activities promoting careers and science and technology, youth may be younger than 15 years of age.

Eligible Expenses

  • Wages
  • Training
  • Administrative costs

Deadline Date

  February 7, 2023.


Contact Name: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Phone Number: 1-800-567-9604

E-mail Address:


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