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First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program (FNECP):




Indigenous Services Canada provides funding through the FNECP to help First Nations communities improve their health. The program supports these communities in identifying, investigating and characterizing the impact of exposure to environmental hazards. Its activities include community-based:

  • research
  • monitoring
  • risk assessment
  • risk communication
  • knowledge integration

Eligible Applicants

The groups that can apply for funding include:

  • First Nations communities on reserve and First Nations organizations south of the 60° parallel from: Alberta; Manitoba; Saskatchewan; Ontario; Quebec; Atlantic Canada;
  • Bands
  • Districts
  • Councils
  • Tribal councils and associations
  • Governments of self-governing First Nations communities and regions
  • First Nations non-government and voluntary associations and organizations – these include non-profit corporations that work on behalf of, or in partnership with, a First Nations community

First Nations in British Columbia should apply for funding under the First Nations Health Authority Environmental Contaminants Program.

Eligible Expenses

Any chemical or biological contaminants that are of concern to First Nations communities can be included in your proposal, based on potential human health risk due to exposure. This risk must be articulated and justified in the proposal.

Deadline Date

  October 21, 2023.


Contact Name: First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program

E-mail Address:


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