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Food Innovation Challenge │ Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN)


The total eligible project costs should be between $1 million and $4 million, and the maximum level of matching funding from CFIN will be 50% of total eligible project costs.


The Food Innovation Challenge is a unique funding opportunity for Canadian food industry collaborators who want to spearhead transformative improvements that will propel the food sector forward and generate significant economic impact.

Eligible Applicants

To be considered for funding, all applications must:

  • Be collaborative industry-led initiatives;
  • Be undertaken by an industry-led collaboration consisting of a Lead Applicant and Partners that are incorporated in Canada*, all of whom are members of CFIN;
  • Identify a Lead Applicant;
  • Involve the participation of at least one Small or Medium Enterprise (SME). A SME is a business with 499 or fewer employees and less than $50 million in gross revenues;
  • Involve the participation of at least two independent private sector companies; and,
  • Conduct research and development at Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 1 to 7. Projects including TRL 8 and 9 components will only be considered if they are part of a project that also includes a TRL 1 to 7 (see 3.3 Technology Readiness Level Eligibility Requirements for further information).

Eligible Expenses

Eligible Costs will generally include expenditures related to the following activities:
i. Industrial research, including activities related to the discovery of new knowledge that aims to support the development of new technology-driven products, processes or services at early stage technology readiness levels; and
ii. Large-scale technology demonstration, including the advancement and development of new technologies into product-specific applications at mid-to-late stage technology readiness levels. Projects should cover a broad range of TRLs to support the development
and growth of innovation ecosystems through activities from research to near commercialization.

Deadline Date

  Letters of intent due: July 8, 2022; Full proposals due: September 16, 2022


Contact Name: Canadian Food Innovation Network (CFIN)

Phone Number: 1.888.773.8247

E-mail Address:


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