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Global Fund for Children:




The Global Fund for Children selects grantee partners based on their demonstrated potential to produce sustainable improvement in the lives of vulnerable children and youth and to serve as a resource or model for other organizations.

Eligible Applicants

  • Direct involvement with children and youth: Prospective grantee partners must work directly with children and youth. We do not support groups engaged exclusively in advocacy or research. (We do, however, support organizations that perform both advocacy and direct service.)
  • Capable management: Prospective grantee partners must have systems and processes for ensuring responsible management of funds. At a minimum, an organization must have basic accounting and reporting systems as well as phone and email access
  • Local leadership: Prospective grantee partners must be led by individuals who live and work in the community. We prioritize organizations whose leaders were born and raised in the community. We do not fund the local offices or affiliates of national or international organizations
  • Legal status: A prospective grantee partner must be registered with the local or national government as a nonprofit organization. If the political context makes legal registration unfeasible, the organization must demonstrate nonprofit equivalency. We do not provide start-up funding for the creation of new organizations

Eligible Expenses

Appropriate size and stage of development: With rare exceptions, a prospective grantee partner’s annual budget should not exceed $200,000. In most cases, new grantee partners have budgets in the $25,000 to $75,000 range. Our aim is to identify organizations at a relatively early stage in their development

Deadline Date




Phone Number: 1-202-331-9003

E-mail Address:


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