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Housing Incentive Program │ City of Calgary


up to $50,000


The City of Calgary’s Housing Incentive Program (HIP) encourages the building of affordable housing units and helps stimulate the economy. It is primarily funded under the One Calgary budget and provides two kinds of financial assistance.​

  1. A grant of up to $50,000 towards pre-development activities for an affordable housing project;
  2. A rebate on eligible City development fees for an affordable housing project.

Eligible Applicants

This program is only available to non-profit organizations for affordable housing projects in Calgary. Both affordable rental and affordable homeownership projects are eligible.

Eligible Expenses

The Housing Incentive Program provides two streams of funding: Pre-Development Grants and City Fee Rebates to not-for-profit affordable housing providers. Applicants can apply for both funding streams.​

Deadline Date

Industry: Housing, Non-Profit, Location: Alberta ,
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