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Industry R&D Associates Program | Alberta Innovates:




The Industry r&D Associates Program (the “Program”) was created to provide high potential, high growth SMEs with novel, promising technologies, strong management and an identified product/market fit with in-house professional research and development capability, to advance the Technology Readiness Level and accelerate new product commercialization

Eligible Applicants

  • be a for-profit SME;
  • demonstrate the relationship between the Applicant and the Associate does not create a conflict of interest;
  • have a physical presence in Alberta;
  • meet the following definition of an SME: a company with fewer than 500 Full Time employees, and less than $50,000,000 annual gross revenue;
  • be a legal entity: incorporated in Alberta; or incorporated federally or in another jurisdiction AND extra-provincially registered in Alberta; or a General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership AND registered in Alberta;
  • be in good financial standing with Alberta Innovates and its subsidiaries InnoTech Alberta and C-Fer Technologies; and
  • not currently have more than two (2) active Alberta Innovates-funded Associates.

Associate Eligibility Criteria – To qualify as an Associate, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  • not currently own, has no right, option or entitlement to purchase more than 15% of the issued and
    outstanding shares of the Applicant;
  • not have been an Associate for the Applicant other than in the case of a re-application;
  • not have been employed by the Applicant for more than twelve (12) months prior to the submission
    date of the Application;
  • be in good financial standing with Alberta Innovates and its subsidiaries InnoTech Alberta and C-Fer
    Technologies and intends to live in the Province of Alberta at least for the duration of the Investment in the Project

Project Eligibility Criteria- To qualify for funding all Projects must:

  • must be stepped with critical “go/no go” milestones;
  • submit to other criteria that Alberta Innovates may develop from time to time.

Eligible Expenses

  • Labour
  • Materials
  • Capital Assets and Software
  • Travel and Relocation
  • Other

Alberta Innovates Maximum Annual Investment for the Stipend per Level (Paid in monthly installments)

  • Level 1 – full-time, up to $52,500 per year
  • Level 2 – full-time, up to $67,500 per year

Deadline Date

Industry: Employment, Location: Alberta ,
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