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Livestock Innovation Program │ Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN):


CAAIN is dedicating $5 Million to projects in this livestock call.


The 2022/23 Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN) competition for the Livestock Innovation Program has been developed to foster technological advances in livestock production and primary processing. The goal of this program is to support research and development to enhance efficiency in livestock agriculture and includes the adoption of automation such as implementation of robotics and automation, data-based decision making, and validation of new technologies through smart farms. The competition is categorized into three broad topic areas:

  • Animal production and efficiency
  • Animal food safety and quality
  • Sustainable production

Eligible Applicants

Agri-food sector.

Eligible Expenses

Specific projects may include but are not limited to research and/or innovations in:

  • Environmental sustainability (ESG, GHG emissions, carbon capture and storage)
  • Genomics/ bioinformatics/artificial intelligence
  • Production efficiency
  • Traceability
  • Transportation
  • Animal welfare
  • Food safety and quality
  • Animal Health
  • Primary processing of meat
  • Meat science and cold chain management
  • Feed and forage research related to animal production

Animal species eligible for this competition include bovine (beef and dairy cattle, bison), porcine, poultry, ovine, caprine, bees and alternate livestock species (elk, deer, moose), and production of their primary products. Secondary food products, packaging, sensory science and aquaculture, are not eligible project topics for this competition.

Deadline Date

  EOI due - Mar 21, 2023.


Contact Name: Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network (CAAIN)

Phone Number: (780)-975-8635

E-mail Address:


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