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Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund:




The Mental Health Promotion Innovation Fund is formerly known as the Innovation Strategy. It provides national funding to support the delivery of innovative, community-based programs in mental health promotion for:

  • infants
  • children and youth
  • young adults
  • caregivers of children and youth

Eligible Applicants

Funding supports priority groups susceptible to mental health inequities, such as:

  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis
  • LGBTQ2+
  • newcomers and refugees
  • people with other socio-economic risk factors

Eligible Expenses

Funding helps to generate new knowledge about what programs and policies work, for whom and in what contexts. The aim is to:

  • address health equity
  • build protective factors
  • reduce risk factors at the individual and community levels
  • address the underlying determinants of health at the population level

Phased funding model

The program’s phased approach to funding begins with an initial design phase through to eventual scale up of mental health promotion interventions, pending assessment. The timeline for funded projects follows 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: up to 18 months for initial design, delivery and partnership development
  • Phase 2: up to 4 years for full implementation with partners to deliver the intervention across settings and evaluate
  • Phase 3: up to 3 years for scale up to expand implementation to achieve system-wide impact for sustainability

Deadline Date

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