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Neighbour Grants | Calgary Foundation


Up to $7,500


People of a place or community have great ideas for how to make things better. Neighbour Grants helps people implement their own small acts of community right in the neighbourhoods and communities they live by offering up to $7,500 for project expenses.

Neighbour Grants is about bringing people together through initiatives such as:

  • Build gathering spaces, such as community gardens and naturalized areas
  • Engage people in creative ways to address concerns, such as community-created street murals, antiracism arts festivals, and non-partisan discussions on the importance of voting
  • Foster a sense of pride and presence, such as cultural sharing events and achievement celebrations of local youth and seniors
  • Give people the chance to get involved in community life, such as book- or tool-sharing libraries, new kinds of neighbourhood festivals, and skills-sharing events
  • Plan and guide neighbourhood and community development, such as resident-driven design or sustainability workshops and Reconciliation-themed learning initiatives

Eligible Applicants

Canadian registered charity or you must apply and run the project in partnership with a qualified donee.

Eligible Expenses

Neighbour Grants can cover costs associated with volunteer and community involvement. Typical costs are:

  • Event space rental
  • Refreshments
  • Supplies that people will use to create something for the community
  • Fees for artists who will help people participate and create something great
  • Honoraria to Indigenous Elders who teach and guide a project in a good way

Deadline Date

  November 16, January 10, 2023, February 8, 2023.
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