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Partners With Youth | Government of Manitoba:


Participating employers may be eligible to receive a wage incentive of $3.00 per hour for up to an 8-week period (minimum 15 hours per week; maximum 8 hours per day; maximum 40 hours per week).


Partners With Youth is a joint initiative of the Departments of Children and Youth Opportunities and Intergovernmental Affairs. This program is delivered through the Youth Partnerships Branch and has the responsibility to deliver a variety of programs and services to unemployed youth in rural Manitoba.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible participants are youth 18 – 29 years of age, who are receiving income assistance or unemployed youth facing *multiple barriers to employment.

* Youth Partnerships defines individuals with multiple barriers as:

  • having had contact with justice, child or social welfare systems
  • member of an affirmative action group (Indigenous, visible minority, person with a disability)
  • having health, drug and/or alcohol related issues
  • lacking personal supports or skills to make the transition to work
  • lacking academic skills (school drop-out or at risk of dropping out)

Eligible Expenses

Youth Partnerships Branch will provide funds for all approved costs associated with the delivery of the various projects, including staff salaries and operating expenses. Where possible, income assistance participants will be eligible to remain on assistance until they secure paid employment.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Partners with Youth

Phone Number: 204-945-3556 or toll-free 1-800-282-8069


Industry: Employment, Location: Manitoba ,
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