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Price Pooling Program │ Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:




The Price Pooling Program provides a price guarantee that protects marketing agencies and producers against unanticipated declines in the market price of their products. Program participants use the price guarantee as security in obtaining credit from lending institutions.

Under the Price Pooling Program, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food enters into an agreement with a marketing agency (associations of producers, processor or selling agent) for the marketing of agricultural products under a cooperative plan.

Eligible Applicants

The Price Pooling Program is open to any marketing agency that meets the definition in Section 2(1) of the Agricultural Marketing Programs Act:

  • an association of producers whose objective is the marketing, under a cooperative plan, of agricultural products produced by the producers
  • a person engaged in the processing of agricultural products for marketing under a cooperative plan
  • a person authorized by one or more associations or persons mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b) to market agricultural products under a single cooperative plan

Eligible Expenses

Eligible agricultural products:

  • an animal, a plant or an animal or plant product
  • a product, including any food or drink that is wholly or partly derived from an animal or plant

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Price Pooling Program

Phone Number: 1-866-367-8506 (toll free) or 613-773-2600

E-mail Address:


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