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We maximize our positive impact on local communities by providing support and funding for projects in these areas:

Environment & Safety

Programs that contribute to the safety of the communities where we operate, the long-term health and biodiversity of local and regional ecosystems, including water and land conservation and stewardship efforts.

Education & Innovation

Initiatives aimed at developing a skilled workforce by supporting youth literacy programs and vocational training programs ranging from engineering, science, and technology to business, trade, and the arts, promoting and supporting STEM education.

Empowering Communities

Projects that create economic opportunities for local residents, cultural initiatives, and social issues focused on equality, poverty, healthy living, and women and children’s needs.

Eligible Applicants

Local/international NGO

Registered charities

Registered social enterprises

Well established grassroots non-commercial community organizations under the government structure

Public schools in remote areas

Shelters and social support agencies

Eligible Expenses


Deadline Date

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