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Stella Conceptual Drawing Grants


Up to $5,000 (The Stella Conceptual Drawing Grant Program can award up to 10 grants each year.)


The Stella Conceptual Drawing Grants program is intended to provide “seed money” for the development and enhancement of Calgary’s parks, playgrounds, pathways, natural areas, and open spaces. The program supports projects that provide significant benefit to the continuation and enrichment to Calgary’s parks and pathways.

Eligible Applicants

Those eligible may be any organization, club, educational institution or society that: 

  • is registered as a non-profit society and has a Certificate of Incorporation 
  • has objectives relating to parks and active communities  
  • is located within the City of Calgary municipal boundaries

Eligible Expenses

The Stella Conceptual Drawing Grant program is intended to provide seed money to hire a landscape architect to provide a professional concept drawing. The concept drawing will reflect the vision a group hopes to achieve for their outdoor community green space. The concept will become a visual aid to gain community support, project approvals, and kick start fundraising initiatives.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Parks Foundation Calgary

Phone Number: (403) 974-0747

E-mail Address:


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