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The Home Program │ The City of Calgary


Provides a maximum contribution of $25,000 for Community and Sustainability seed grants.


The Home Program provides grant funding to projects that directly increase housing stability and successful tenancies for affordable housing residents or people in core housing need.

Eligible Applicants

Non-market housing providers and non-profit organizations serving residents of non-market housing are encouraged to apply. Organizations must be registered as a non-profit and hold $2,000,000 in liability insurance.

Eligible Expenses

It is funded by The City of Calgary and has four priority areas:

  • Education and skill building – Increase individuals’ knowledge and skills to successfully maintain and remain in a home.
  • Financial empowerment – Strengthen individuals’ financial inclusion, knowledge, behaviours and opportunities.
  • Community inclusion and integration – Increase participation, engagement and involvement of individuals with the local community, services and supports.
  • COVID-19 response – Support for housing providers and organizations serving vulnerable populations in dealing with added risk, challenge and hardship due to COVID-19 to maintain stable housing through the pandemic.

Deadline Date

  No longer accepting applications for the 2022 Home Program. Please check back for future opportunities.


Contact Name: Home Program Administrator

E-mail Address:


Industry: Housing, Location: Alberta ,
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