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Young Canada Works at Building Careers in Heritage:




Young Canada Works at Building Careers in Heritage (YCWBCH) is an internship program. Eligible employers may benefit from wage subsidies and access a pool of college and university graduates with innovative ideas and competitive skills.

Eligible Applicants

An employer may be eligible for funding if it is:

  • an incorporated, non-profit organization in Canada with a heritage mandate such as a museum, archive, a library, an organization managing built heritage (heritage sites), or an arts organization;
  • an educational or cultural institution that has distinct objectives, programs and a budget related to heritage;
  • a non-profit organization under a provincial, territorial, regional or municipal government, that has distinct objectives, programs and a budget related to heritage;
  • a professional heritage or arts service organization;
  • an Indigenous regional government or governing body (band or tribal council) and/or Indigenous organization with a mandate to preserve and support Indigenous heritage (First Nations, Inuit and Métis); and
  • stable and financially healthy.

Eligible Expenses

YCW programs are implemented through various Delivery Organizations. You must apply online via the YCW website to the Delivery Organization most appropriate to your organization’s mandate and/or project objectives. Delivery Organizations are responsible for evaluating and approving applications and for administering funded projects.

Deadline Date

  January 20, 2023.
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