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Youth Mental Health Project | RBC




The RBC Youth Mental Health Project is our commitment to support programs that help youth and families access the right care at the right time. We fund programs that address youth and family’s immediate need to access mental health services, a critical area identified by parents, youth and experts in the field. We have chosen to focus our funding on two areas where we believe our support can make the biggest difference:

  • Navigation programs
  • Technology based solutions

We will also consider supporting other programs that increase access to care if they are collaborative, have proven results and can demonstrate successful outcomes.

We will prioritize granting for programs that increase collaboration across service providers to reduce fragmentation. Our hope is that our funding will help achieve integration not just within the mental health system, but between the mental health and general health systems. We also prefer to fund programs that do not duplicate services provided by other organizations.

Eligible Applicants

RBC will support organizations and programs that:

  • Are delivered by registered charitable organizations
  • Target youth aged 13-24, and where applicable, their families
  • Demonstrate thoughtful and evidence-based or informed program design advised by best practices, successful program models and/or academic evidence and parents/youth with lived experience
  • Provide evidence of success (quantitative and qualitative) that indicate the capability to deliver services and solutions successfully
  • Demonstrate how the program is moving the sector forward through multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Demonstrate how the program is making a concerted effort to increase sector collaboration and reduce fragmentation in the service region and beyond
  • Articulate intended outcomes and metrics aligned to RBC’s intended outcomes
  • Articulate the intended impact of efforts, as well as the metrics by which impact will be measured
  • Include the education of parents, youth and families
  • Are inclusive and meet the needs of diverse populations such as aboriginal youth or immigrants

Eligible Expenses

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