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Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program: Access to Capital




Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Program: Access to Capital promotes entrepreneurship in Indigenous communities and seeks to increase the number of viable Indigenous-owned businesses. The program has 2 components: access to capital and business opportunities.

Eligible Applicants

  • First Nation and Inuit communities and their governments, including tribal councils
  • Indigenous individuals
  • Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and associations, except those with charitable or religious purposes
  • businesses owned and controlled by Indigenous peoples
  • Canadian owned and controlled banks, credit unions and trust companies authorized to make commercial loans and are provincially or federally regulated
  • private equity providers
  • provincial or federal crown corporations
  • municipal governments, labour organizations, universities, colleges and other learning institutions

Eligibility varies between AFIs. Consult with your local AFI to see if you are eligible.

Eligible Expenses

The program provides Indigenous businesses with access to non-repayable contributions for:

  • supporting eligible business proposals
  • leveraging additional funds

Deadline Date

  No deadline.


Contact Name: National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association

Phone Number: (613) 688-0894 or (844) 827-0327 (Toll Free)

E-mail Address:


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