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Agriculture Funding Consortium




The Agriculture Funding Consortium (AFC) is a voluntary body that has no legal standing and is comprised of a number of organizations, each of which is responsible for establishing its own research and innovation priorities and investment mandate.

The purpose of the AFC is a collaborative one-window approach to coordinate the application, review and funding process for proposed agriculture and food research and innovation projects and stimulate private/public sector participation in Alberta’s agriculture and the food industry

Eligible Applicants

The applicant and the project team may be comprised of qualified researchers from the following types of organizations:
a. Provincial governments and their public agencies;
b. Federal government and federal crown corporations;
c. Non-profit research institutions;
d. Academic institutions, including universities, colleges, and technical schools;
e. Industry associations serving the agriculture, food and beverage industry;
f. Existing or prospective companies and supply chain partners that can increase the value and sales of Alberta products; and/or
g. Other research institutions, firms or enterprises approved by the members of the AFC.

Eligible Expenses

  • Personnel – research team: Time for specific activities on the project, prorated at usual annual salary rates, only for investigators not already employed by the institution or the collaborating institution conducting the project.
  • Personnel – consultants: Outside consultants justified as essential to the project.
  • Administration and Management of Project Finances: Eligibility of “direct” or “indirect” costs will vary with the policy of the AFC
  • Travel: Travel to project sites.
  • Capital Assets/ Equipment: Purchase cost of equipment directly required for the project up to a maximum of 10-20%* of total project costs.
  • Supplies: Cost of supplies directly required for the project.
  • Communication, and Knowledge Dissemination (CDL): Audio-visual and other costs to support uptake of results; Costs relating to linkage and exchange such as costs of meetings, teleconferences, etc.; Publishing costs.

Deadline Date

  Letters of intent (LOI) due: April 6, 2023; ‍Full proposals due: July 31, 2023.
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