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Canadian Emissions Reductions Innovation Consortium (CanERIC) │ Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada




Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) created the Canadian Emissions Reductions Innovation Consortium (CanERIC) to support oil and gas industry’s critical needed, novel, high performance, and cost-effective technologies to address the global emissions reduction challenge.

Eligible Applicants

CanERIC supports producers, technology providers, academia, regulators, and policy makers and ensures equitable opportunities to all—including women, indigenous communities, immigrants, and remote/small communities.

Eligible Expenses

CanERIC provides a complete suite of facilities, such as labs, piloting spaces, mobile instrumentation units, and commercial production sites, that respond to the innovation needs of technology readiness level (TRL) 5-9 technologies related to upstream detection, quantification, mitigation, conservation, conversion, and flaring of methane.

Deadline Date

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