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Canadian Technology Accelerators:




Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTAs) empower Canadian high-potential, high-growth tech companies that have a market-ready technology or product to explore global growth opportunities. We help companies in three main sectors of activity:

  • cleantech
  • digital industries and information and communications technologies (ICT)
  • life sciences and digital health

CTA Programs:

Eligible Applicants

Canadian companies.

Eligible Expenses

Benefits for your business:

When you join a CTA, you get access to the support, mentorship and contacts you need to grow your company in international markets. We help fast-track your connections and grow your market acumen for the greatest impact possible. Here are the benefits of joining:

  • access to a vast network of trade commissioners
  • coaching and mentoring by industry leaders
  • support to refine your international business and market-entry strategies
  • introductions to potential partners and clients
  • introductions to investors and venture capitalists
  • a collaborative workspace (where available)

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.


Contact Name: Canadian Technology Accelerators - Government of Canada

E-mail Address:


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