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Digital Strategy Fund | Canada Council for the Arts


up to $50,000 for single-phase initiatives.


The Digital Strategy Fund grants are for strategic initiatives that will help Canadian artists, groups, and arts organizations understand the digital world, engage with it, and respond to the cultural and social changes it produces.

The Canada Council encourages initiatives that share the values and principles of the digital world, including:

  • a focus on collaboration, partnership, and networking;
  • open-mindedness and willingness to share knowledge, results, ideas, and lessons learned;
  • experimentation, risk-taking, and iterative development.

Between 2017 and 2021, the Canada Council will invest $88.5M through this Fund.

Eligible Applicants

Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations.

Eligible Expenses

The program has three funding components. To learn more, please click.

Deadline Date

January 7, 2021


Contact Name: Canada Council for the Arts

Phone Number: 1-800 263-5588 | 613 566-4414


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