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EcoAction Community Funding Program | Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)


$100,000 (for every dollar you receive from this program, the applicant must obtain the same amount from non-federal government partners).


Environment Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding Program provides financial support to community-based, non-profit organizations for projects that have measurable, positive impacts on the environment. The Program encourages action-focused projects that will protect, rehabilitate or enhance the natural environment, and build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future. The Program supports projects that address the following four themes:

  • Clean air: to reduce emissions that contribute to air pollutants
  • Clean water: to divert and reduce substances that negatively affect water quality or to focus on water conservation and efficiency
  • Climate change: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change or to deal with the impacts of climate change
  • Nature: to reduce biodiversity loss, protect wildlife and plants, and protect and improve the habitat where they live

Eligible Applicants

  • Non-profit and non-governmental groups and organizations are eligible to receive funding, examples include: environmental groups; community groups; youth and seniors groups; community-based associations; and service clubs.
  • Indigenous organizations are also eligible to receive funding, such as:
    • First Nations; Indigenous governments and/or authorities; Indigenous boards, commissions, communities, and/or associations; District councils, Chiefs councils, Treaty councils, and/or Tribal councils; Indigenous not-for-profits organizations

Eligible Expenses

  • The following project costs are eligible under EcoAction:
    • human resources, including salaries and benefits; contractors
    • management and professional services (e.g., accounting, audit, liability insurance costs that are directly attributed to carrying out the project, monitoring, legal or other professional fees translation)
    • travel and field costs (based on Government of Canada rates)
    • materials and supplies; communication, production, distribution and printing costs
    • equipment purchases or rental fees; vehicle rental and operation costs
    • a reasonable share of overhead and/or administrative costs and rent that is directly attributed to program delivery

Deadline Date

  Accepting applications for funding until December 8, 2022 now accepting applications for funding until December 8, 2022.
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