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Everybody Gets to Play | Canadian Parks and Recreation Association




Everybody gets to play is a Canada-wide initiative developed by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association that aims to make recreation more accessible for children and youth from low-income families. As the provincial provider of the initiative, the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association develops research to aid in the advocacy of recreation accessibility.

Recreation is a right. All children and youth have the right to engage in age-appropriate play and recreational activities, as declared by the United Nations and Canada’s Governments.

Recreation is essential to human development. Recreation has the power to develop physical, social and psychological skills, increasing resilience, mental health, self-esteem and other strengths needed for success as an adult.

What can we do?

We as a recreation sector have a responsibility to ensure recreational opportunities are accessible to all Albertans. Increasing access requires a change of attitude and a commitment to creating affordable opportunities for the entire community.

Eligible Applicants

  • Recreation facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Youth-serving organizations

Eligible Expenses

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Pamela Jones

Phone Number: 780-638-2915

E-mail Address:


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