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Family Violence Initiative | Department of Justice:




The Family Violence Initiative supports of the development, implementation, testing and assessment of models, strategies and tools to improve the justice system’s response to family violence. It also supports projects that raise public awareness of the issue and encourage public involvement in responding to family violence.

The Family Violence Initiative funds projects that develop long-term programming, build on lessons learned and support the Department’s family violence policy directions. To accomplish this, the Initiative:

  • Works with other levels of government, non-governmental organizations, front-line services and members of the public in broad-based partnerships
  • Supports partnerships to implement projects to reduce family violence
  • Analyzes the results of these projects and disseminates information about project results and lessons learned

Eligible Applicants

  • National, provincial, municipal, regional, Aboriginal, community or professional not-for-profit organizations
  • Provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments
  • Canadian institutions/boards of education
  • Bands, tribal councils, self-governing First Nations and Inuit

Eligible Expenses

The types of pilot projects and activities that could be funded include:

  • Assessment of the response of the criminal justice system and professionals to family violence
  • Development of new strategies, models and tools to improve service/program delivery to family violence victims in crisis
  • Development and implementation of support for child victims/witnesses of family violence in the criminal justice process
  • Development of family violence resource tools for service providers, including those in some hard-to-reach communities such as rural and Aboriginal communities
  • Development of information, strategies and tools for easier access to services relating to family violence to meet the needs of vulnerable groups, such as older adults, people with disabilities and immigrants, etc.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Programs Branch

Phone Number: 613 941-4193

E-mail Address:


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