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Listen, Hear Our Voices initiative




Listen, Hear Our Voices initiative is an initiative that resulted from engagement and collaboration. This initiative aims to help digitize and preserve First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation culture and language recordings.

Eligible Applicants

(1) Eligible as primary applicant

To be eligible to apply for funding, you must be an Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, and/or Métis Nation) organization. For example, a cultural centre, a community organization, a historical society, a library, an archive, a museum, a band council or another Indigenous government organization. Your organization must be not-for-profit and must provide proof of its non-profit status.

Both incorporated and non-incorporated organizations are eligible for funding. Incorporated organizations must provide proof of incorporation. Non-incorporated organizations require a letter of reference from a recognized national, provincial, territorial or municipal government or association. If your organization is non-incorporated, we encourage you to collaborate with an incorporated organization.

We provide three types of funding:

  1. Small projects of nine months or less. Both incorporated and non-incorporated are eligible for funding up to $25,000.
  2. Medium projects of nine months or less. Incorporated organizations are eligible for funding up to $60,000.
  3. Large projects of six months to one year. Incorporated organizations are eligible for funding up to $100,000.

Non-incorporated organizations are eligible for types 2 and 3 if they work with an incorporated organization that is the primary applicant.

(2) Eligible as partner or secondary applicant

Non-Indigenous organizations, individuals, collectors or creators that collaborate with an eligible organization. The eligible organization must be the primary applicant. Secondary applicants do not need to provide proof of non-profit status.

Eligible Expenses

  • Digitization by your organization, a partner or a third-party
  • Consultants and professional services related to digitization
  • Purchase, rental or repair of equipment or software to digitize and preserve material
  • Description, transcription and development of finding aids
  • Shipping and insuring material
  • Salaries and wages to finish your project
  • Training and workshop activities
  • Travel for project staff (must follow the National Joint Council’s Travel Directive)
  • Honorariums and small gifts to Indigenous Elders
  • General administration costs such as office supplies, long-distance telephone calls, postage, project management fees, messenger services (This cannot be more than 20% of the funding we provide)

Deadline Date

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