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Skills and Partnership Fund


The maximum level of financial support approved per project or initiative will not exceed $10 million per year. Financial support will be negotiated and where possible and appropriate, costs will be shared by recipients and/or other stakeholders.


The Skills and Partnership Fund (SPF) will enable Indigenous organizations to expand employment opportunities for Indigenous people across Canada. Modeled on the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP) and designed to complement the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS), the SPF will address gaps in the ability to respond to the magnitude of training required to ensure maximum Indigenous participation in and benefit from existing and emerging economic development opportunities across Canada.

Eligible Applicants

Indigenous organizations are eligible recipients under the SPF program. This may include incorporated for-profit and not-for-profit Indigenous controlled organizations, Indigenous controlled unincorporated associations, Indian Act bands, Tribal Councils and Indigenous self-government entities. An organization may be eligible for multi-year agreements, based on the strength of the project proposal.

Eligible Expenses

  • project administration and overhead costs such as wages and benefits, rental of office space, telephones, etc. that are directly related to the administration or delivery of the project
  • equipment rental (capital asset purchases may be allowed where it can be demonstrated to be more cost-effective over the life of the project) such as computers, office equipment, etc.
  • materials and supplies directly related to the project
  • cost associated with printing, translation and dissemination of project reports
  • communications activities and material including promotional material and activities, through print, web-based and other media
  • costs related to clients such as counselling, mentoring, skills testing and needs evaluation, pre-employment training, post-secondary training, apprenticeship training, technical training, on site training, literacy, essential skills training
  • income support for clients such as allowances, wage subsidies, accommodation and transportation
  • cost for the provision of food to participants in training activities where it provides nourishment that is considered to contribute to the participants’ successful completion of their training
  • costs of client wages and the employer’s share of employment-related costs for clients
  • professional fees related to audit, evaluation and assessment
  • professional fees for expertise not available through the organization or partners (individuals receiving a salary from the sponsoring or partner organizations are not eligible to be paid as consultants). This may include fees for services provided by Indigenous elders
  • travel within Canada that is directly related to the project activities
  • other costs necessary to support the purpose of the funding, as approved by Employment and Social Development Canada

Deadline Date

  Open and closes.
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