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AgriScience Program – Projects | Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


The maximum funding for any single project is $5 million over the duration of the program (2023 to 2028). The maximum total funding available to you under the projects component of the program is $10 million over the duration of the program (2023 to 2028).


The AgriScience Program, under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP), aims to accelerate innovation by providing funding and support for pre-commercial science activities and research that benefits the agriculture and agri-food sector and Canadians.

The program has 2 components:

  • Clusters Component — supports projects intended to mobilize industry, government and academia through partnerships, and address priority national themes and horizontal issues
  • Projects Component — supports a single project or a smaller set of projects that would be less comprehensive than a Cluster.

Eligible Applicants

You must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible.

  • You are a for-profit or not-for-profit organization
  • You consent to share a summary of your proposal with other federal departments and other provincial and territorial governments
  • You are a legal entity capable of entering into legal binding agreements

Eligible Expenses

Eligible areas of research:

The areas of research identified below are subject to specific AAFC guidance.

  • Health claims and human clinical trials
  • Variety development
  • Pest and disease surveillance
  • Indigenous knowledge and science priorities

Deadline Date

  Applications will be accepted until funding has been fully committed or until otherwise announced here. The program ends March 31, 2028.
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