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Canadian Agricultural Loans Act program




The Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program is a loan guarantee program designed to increase the availability of loans to farmers and agricultural co-operatives. Farmers can use these loans to establish, improve, and develop farms, while agricultural co-operatives may also access loans to process, distribute, or market the products of farming.

Eligible Applicants

You can apply if you are one of the following:

  • existing farmers
  • beginning farmers (that is, less than 6 years of farming)
  • start-up farmers
  • farmers taking over the family farm
  • part-time farmers
  • agricultural co-operatives with a majority (50% + 1) farmer membership

To learn more details on your eligibililty, please click the link indicated below.

Eligible Expenses

  • Real property purposes:
    • Purchase of land
    • Construction, repair or alteration of, or additions to, any building or structure on a farm
    • Purchase, movement to and installing on a farm of complete or partially complete structures and, where necessary, the completion of the installed structures
  • Other loan purposes:
    • Purchase, installation, alteration, major overhaul, or major repair to/of:
      • tools, implements, apparatus and machines of any kind not usually affixed to real or immovable property
      • machinery and apparatus for the generation or distribution of electricity, whether or not affixed to real or immovable property
    • Purchase of breeding livestock which will provide a long-term improvement to a farm operation including:
      • horses and other equines
      • cattle, sheep, goats and other ruminants
      • swine, poultry, bees and fur-bearing animals
      • any other prescribed animal
    • Erection or construction of fencing or works for drainage
    • Clearing, breaking, irrigating and reclaiming of land
    • Conservation of soil, prevention of soil erosion by the planting of trees and shelter belts
    • Repair or overhaul of fencing where the cost is $2,000 or more
    • Purchase and the planting of trees for syrup production and the purchase and planting of fruit trees, Christmas trees, and ginseng, where the cost is $2,000 or more
    • Construction of a road or driveway on a farm
    • Land transfer tax, survey, appraisal and legal costs relating to the purchase of additional land
    • Purchase of shares for inter-generational farm transfers
    • Consolidation/refinancing of loans

Deadline Date

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