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Class Grant and Contribution Program | Canadian Space Agency (CSA)




The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), supports research, awareness and learning in space science and technology via its Class Grant and Contribution Program.

The program aims to support knowledge development and innovation in CSA priority areas while increasing Canadians’ awareness of and participation in space-related disciplines and activities.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible recipients are limited to for-profit, not-for-profit, and universities established and operating in Canada. SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are strongly encouraged to apply or act as subcontractors to applicants.

Multiple eligible recipients can collaborate on the same project. If selected for funding, eligible recipients, collaborating on the project, will be jointly and severally (solidarily) liable in the contribution agreement.

To learn more, please click the link indicated below.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible costs are limited to one or a combination of the following categories:

  • salaries and benefits;
  • consultants services;
  • material and supplies;
  • acquisition or rental of equipment;
  • aircraft and watercraft charter services (shipping);
  • access fees;
  • licenses and permits fees;
  • data acquisition;
  • data management;
  • launcher services;
  • travel;
  • accommodation and meals allowances;
  • costs related to obtaining security clearance; and
  • overhead (administrative) costs (not to exceed 15% of total eligible costs for for-profit organizations and not to exceed 20% of total eligible costs for not-for-profit organizations and universities).

Deadline Date

  Please click the link indicated below for deadline date details.
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