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Contraventions Act Fund




The Contraventions Act Fund is a transfer payment program designed to provide provinces, territories and municipalities where the Contraventions Act is implemented with funding to undertake measures on Canada’s behalf that ensure that language rights are respected in relation to the issuing and processing of contraventions tickets. It supports a range of measures which include the hiring of bilingual staff, language training, bilingual signage and documentation.

Eligible Applicants

  • Departments and agencies of the provinces and territories.
  • Municipalities designated by the provincial and territorial governments as being responsible for providing judicial activities and extra-judicial services in both official languages.

Eligible Expenses

The objective is to implement, in cooperation with the provinces, territories and municipalities, measures to permit the use of both official languages in proceedings instituted under the Contraventions Act.


  • Provision of justice services;
  • Provision of language training;
  • Acquisition and use of electronic equipment to facilitate access to justice in English and French;
  • Development, production, translation and distribution of documentation in English and French;
  • Development, production and installation of bilingual signage;
  • Provision of interpretation services;
  • Development of short term projects (pilot projects, needs analysis, research projects etc.) the results of which will contribute to helping recipients to provide services in English and French in an efficient and economical manner;
  • Administration, travel and accommodation in support of other activities associated with the Contraventions Act Fund.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Department of Justice Canada

Phone Number: 613 941-4193

E-mail Address:


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