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Growth Catalyst program




The Growth Catalyst program sparks the creation and sets the foundation for executing a growth strategy by CEOs and their senior leadership teams. In the Growth Catalyst program, senior leaders form ‘Strategic Growth Teams’ to:

  • Align leadership behaviours to a growth mindset
  • Assess company’s capacity for sustainable growth
  • Examine pathways to catalyze new forms of growth
  • Build and implement a strategy for growth

Eligible Applicants

Entrepreneurs (Founders, CEOs, Presidents) and their direct leadership teams (CXOs, VPs, Directors) who:

  • Are high potential individuals, eager to further develop strategic thinking and leadership for growth
  • Are willing to put in the time, dedication, and work required to complete the program
  • Are committed to deploying organizational resources towards achieving growth

Entrepreneurs and their direct leadership teams who are operating successful companies that:

  • Have succeeded through the initial startup phase and have launched or gained traction with a product or service
  • Generate $5M+ in revenue, annually (companies that are well under this, but believe there is a strong fit with the program, are still encouraged to apply)
  • Have hit a “growth ceiling” and want to catalyze their next growth episode

Eligible Expenses

Growth Catalyst is built from proven methodologies and approaches that result in impactful growth strategies. Value is achieved by educating and coaching a cross-functional team using practical tools in an accelerated and disciplined way.

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