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Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP) | Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


forgivable loan up to 100% of the project’s capital costs.


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) work closely with First Nations across Canada to ensure these essential services are available in their communities. Through our Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP) On-Reserve, we help pay for much-needed repairs to existing shelters. We also provide financial support to those looking to build new shelters or second-stage housing projects.

Eligible Applicants

open to all First Nations or First Nation housing organizations that operate housing for people fleeing domestic violence.

Eligible Expenses

Financial support is available to create a new shelter or second-stage housing. Funding can also be provided for repairs to existing shelters or second-stage housing, including:

  • repairs to bring the property up to a minimum level of health and safety
  • modifications to make the property accessible to persons with disabilities
  • safe play areas for children and an appropriate level of security for all occupants
  • an appropriate level of security for all occupants.

This program covers only the capital costs of new construction or renovation. Operating support for shelters and second-stage housing must be secured through Indigenous Services Canada or another acceptable source. For second-stage housing, occupants are expected to make modest contributions to offset the operating costs.

Deadline Date

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