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THRIVE Canada Accelerator Program │ SVG Ventures


Free training through webinars, events and workshops


The THRIVE Canada Accelerator supports early-stage agrifood tech startups from across the value chain whose technologies drive us towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future. Supporting companies across the agrifood value chain, the THRIVE Canada Accelerator places a strong emphasis on companies creating a sustainable future through innovation.

Eligible Applicants

THRIVE Accelerator’s are looking for Seed to Series A staged companies to join the program. At this stage, companies are past ideation and are at least in the pre-minimum viable product, prototype in beta or product in market (paying customers) growth stages.

Eligible Expenses

Accelerator Benefits:

  • Access to corporates
  • Access to farmers
  • Investment opportunities
  • Award- winning program
  • Expert mentorship
  • Brand exposure

Deadline Date

  Application opens October 12, 2022 until November 18, 2022


Contact Name: SGV Ventures

E-mail Address:


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