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Tribal Council Funding




The Tribal Council Funding program provides core operational funding to tribal councils to deliver programs and services to their member First Nations and to support their capacity development. In 2014-2015, the Tribal Council Funding program provided about $30.5 million to 78 tribal councils.

Eligible Applicants

A complete list of eligible tribal councils can be found in the Tribal Council Funding table.

Tribal councils are eligible if they have:

  • been clearly mandated to govern by band councils or an equivalent executive body of member First Nations and
  • agreed to deliver services or capacity development to member First Nations, as designated by their member First Nations

Eligible Expenses

Currently, the maximum funding level for each tribal council is calculated according to three factors:

  1. the number of member First Nations
  2. the total on-reserve population of member First Nations
  3. the number of ongoing major INAC programs delivered by each tribal council

Deadline Date

  Please contact your regional office for the Tribal Council Consolidated Application for Funding deadline and the Tribal Council Consolidated Work Plan deadline.


Contact Name: Edmonton office

Phone Number: 780-495-2773


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