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York Development Entrepreneurship Institute (YEDI) Incubator:


Participate 16-week program for FREE.


York Development Entrepreneurship Institute (YEDI) Incubator accepts 15 entrepreneurs per cohort. An Expert Committee comprised of industry experts and partners will be responsible for evaluating applications based on set criteria.

Eligible Applicants

  • Applicant is the founder; co-founder(s) will be considered
  • Any adult age or background
  • A unique and innovative idea that is in raw, seed, early, or growth stage
  • Applicant(s) is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Eligible Expenses

Accepted students undergo a free, intensive 16-week program, including formal academic lectures by YEDI instructors, workshop-based training in entrepreneurship, and mentorship by key industry leaders. At the end of the incubator, entrepreneurs will have a professionally developed business plan, an executive summary, and a proper business model that is ready to pitch and potentially bring to the market. Upon successful program completion, participants receive a formal certification from YEDI.

Deadline Date

  Open. Program start date: March 1 – June 23, 2023.


Contact Name: YEDI

E-mail Address:


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