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Manage Expectations In Grants

Manage Expectations In Grants

Hello Everyone,

Given today is the fifth Monday of the month, it’s time to mix things up. We’ll be back next week with your list of Upcoming Grant Deadlines.

Nearly everyone reading this email has heard of the term “manage expectations.” Here are some reasons why it’s important in grant writing:


First, most people underestimate how much “total time” is involved in grants. How long does it take to write a grant? If you’re writing a technology grant application, here is a typical grant attachment:

“A Business Plan MUST be attached. The Business Plan must include some pro forma financial statements/plan.” 

Recognize early what is being asked of you in the entire grant application. A careful read of the grant guidelines before you write can get your team on the same page.


Second, in my experience, most “project owners” of grants (e.g., CEOs, business owners, executive directors) believe they can “delegate” most or all of the grant writing responsibilities to someone else. Can they delegate some? Absolutely. But they can add value if they contribute some hours per week. I recommend grant writers schedule the project owner each week at the beginning of the project. Check out the table below.

Table One: Time Expectations


“Learn to say no politely and pleasantly, but immediately and firmly. Simple to say, but often difficult to do” (Robert Ringer).

Grant writing are new projects, demanding dedication and sustained focus. In a sector where grants “open and close” all the time, I am constantly learning when to go and when to say no. It’s not easy for any of us, but we can keep improving.


If you want more information on this topic, check out my video on Say-Do Ratio. It’s one of the most important character traits for keeping expectations in check. My book on Amazon has 100 short tips to help you succeed in grants, and my next Advanced Grant Writing Course starts January, 24, 2024.

Have a great week everyone! We’ll be back with the grant deadlines next week.


David Kincade, MA Grant Writer and Instructor 780-297–6177 email:


Interested in becoming exceptional at writing government grants? Sign up for my Advanced Grant Writing Course. The next course starts January 24, 2024. Training grants should be submitted 30 days before the course begins. Text or email me today, and I’ll help you submit your training grant – complimentary. 780-297-6177.


“100% grant applicant success rate.”

“I took the Advanced Grant Writing Course in Spring of 2022. Before taking the course, many startup founders have told me not to waste time with grants because of the tedious and time-draining process.  However, taking the course was a game change for me personally and Awele because David made it very straightforward and easily applicable. Although the cost of the course is very worth it, David also helped us secure a grant to pay for a significant cost of the course. Since completing the course 8 months ago, we already secured over $75,000 in Grants till date with 100% grant applicant success rate.

We look forward to securing over $100,000 additional grants money.”

Dr. Godfrey Okeke, PhD Founder/CEO – Awele Technologies Inc

“The course exceeded my expectations”

“I recently completed the Advance Grant Writing Course with David Kincade, and I am beyond thrilled with the results. The course exceeded my expectations in every way possible providing in depth knowledge and understanding of how to organize and bring your Grant applications to the forefront. David was not only an expert in the field but also a great mentor for our entire group. He provided efficient workflow templates, informative videos, and invited guest speakers who delineated this course’s significance. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to enhance their understanding of what it really takes to apply for and win Grants!”

Amber Sutton Town of Strathmore Finance Administrative Assistant, Town of Strathmore

“David’s grant writing course was amazing”

“David’s grant writing course was amazing. I learned the process of winning grants and how to complete the process efficiently. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to offer grant writing as a service or who wants to win grants for your own business.”

Sasha Wallach, Canada’s Virtual Assistant

“I highly recommend the Advanced Grant Writing Course.”

“I highly recommend the Advanced Grant Writing Course. David has a wealth of knowledge on grant writing and navigating the government and business interface. He is a very passionate educator, and he is keen to see you succeed. The course is well constructed; David consistently evaluates and updates the material as he sees appropriate. He is patient with his students and creates an inclusive, welcoming space for grant writers of all levels and experience. I feel this course greatly improved my capabilities as a grant writer.”

Thanks David! Miranda Moll

“A personal investment in our mission.”

“I cannot express how much the streamlined grant writing process has helped me as a busy leader. With the implementation of the 2-step process with my colleague, I was able to confidently engage stakeholders and prepare meeting packages without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of grants available. This process has not only allowed me to focus on other business priorities but has also given me the confidence to write grants for future growth and resiliency. I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to make grant writing less daunting and more future focused.

Thanks to David, this year we have been successful in over $100,000 in program grants and have more than doubled our CORE operating funding. We will be forever thankful for Alberta Business Grants. You brought us a light in our darkest time.”

Mallory Seely Executive Director of First Steps Housing Project Inc.

“The guest speakers he brought in were incredibly informative”

I learned so much from taking the Advanced Grant Course through David Kincade. He not only gives you all the tools and resources needed to write a successful grant, but he also provides you with useful knowledge on good project management and networking skills to increase your chance of writing a winning grant.

David’s passion and excitement for writing grants makes the class very engaging and he keeps your focus throughout the entire course. The guest speakers he brought in were incredibly informative as well and they provided such great information in both their fields of expertise. If you are interested in writing successful grants, then taking David Kincade’s course is a must! Thank you, David, for being an excellent teacher!

Amanda Lachance

Past Fifth Monday emails:

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David Kincade, MA
Grant Writer
Author of 100 Golden Grant Rules

p.s., You can do it! Keep going!

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