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Indigenous Forestry Initiative | Natural Resource Canada:


The Program has $1 million per year available beyond 2023.


The Indigenous Forestry Initiative (IFI) provides financial support to Indigenous-led economic development projects in Canada’s forest sector. Benefits of the program include:

  • increased Indigenous participation in forestry-related opportunities, businesses, careers and governance
  • increased engagement and economic development for Indigenous communities and peoples involved in the forest sector
  • increased investment and collaboration between Indigenous peoples and other natural resource development stakeholders, including governments, industry and non-governmental organizations

Eligible Applicants

  • Indigenous communities and governments such as:
    • band and tribal councils
    • governments of self-governing First Nations
    • local governments of Inuit communities
    • Métis organizations
    • economic development corporations
    • national and regional Indigenous organizations
  • Indigenous (50% or greater ownership by Indigenous people) for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, businesses, joint ventures, partnerships, associations, co-operatives and institutions
  • non-Indigenous not-for-profit entities who are working with one or more endorsing Indigenous partner organization(s) to facilitate Indigenous economic development
  • provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments working with an Indigenous partner organization
  • academic institutions and research associations working with an Indigenous partner organization

Eligible Expenses

The scope of projects funded by the IFI is broad, with three general categories:

  • use and management of forest resources
  • clean technology and participation in the forest bioeconomy (e.g. biomass for heat/energy, pellet manufacturing, etc.)
  • environmental stewardship

Examples of IFI funded activities include:

  • preparing plans/assessments that cultivate economic opportunities in forestry
  • training and skills development to support forestry projects
  • planning for forest sector businesses, including startup or expansion
  • developing forestry related tools, technology, products, and services

Deadline Date

  Accepts applications throughout the year. Submissions are reviewed periodically, subject to the availability of funds.
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