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National Acadian Day Funding


Cannot exceed $5,000.


National Acadian Day Funding is available to promote the 2020 National Acadian Day. This fund, from the Celebration and Commemoration Program, will enable Acadians from across Canada to get together and celebrate their unique heritage and history.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding, your organization must be one of the following:

  • a Canadian not-for-profit organization, such as a corporation, trust, cooperative, unincorporated association, etc.
  • a Canadian business corporation where projects are non-commercial in nature
  • a Canadian educational institution, Canadian municipal government or other municipal, provincial/territorial institution

Federal, provincial and territorial governments are not eligible for this fund.

Eligible Expenses

To be eligible for funding, your project must be:

  • held on August 15
  • free of charge (no admission fees or donation required for entry)
  • open to the public and promoted as such

Deadline Date

  Deadline: March 25, 2020. Please click the link indicated below for update.


Contact Name: Department of Canadian Heritage Atlantic Regional Office

Phone Number: 506-851-7066 or 1-866-811-0055 (toll-free)

E-mail Address:


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