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Youth Justice Fund


The Fund generally supports projects for no more than $500,000, for a period of up to three years.


The Youth Justice Fund provides grants and contributions to projects that encourage a more effective youth justice system, respond to emerging youth justice issues and enable greater citizen and community participation in the youth justice system.

Eligible Applicants

All of the following are eligible for funding:

  • Non-profit community organizations, societies, and associations which have voluntarily associated themselves for a non-profit purpose;
  • Canadian institutions/boards of education;
  • Bands, First Nations, Tribal Councils, local, regional and national Indigenous organizations;
  • Provincial, territorial and municipal governments and their agencies and institutions;
  • Private sector organizations as long as such organizations will not make a profit on the work performed;
  • For-profit enterprises, research/evaluation organizations and individuals are eligible for funding to conduct research and evaluation activities; and,
  • Individuals.

Eligible Expenses

The Fund supports the development, implementation, and evaluation of pilot projects that provide programming and services for youth in conflict with the law.It supports professional development activities, such as training and conferences, for justice professionals and youth service providers. Additionally, it funds research on the youth justice system and related youth justice issues.

Deadline Date

  The Youth Justice Fund is currently accepting new proposals for both multi-year and short term pilot projects starting between April 1, 2023 and March 31, 2025.


Contact Name: Department of Justice Canada

Phone Number: 613-960-4942

E-mail Address:


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